LifeCanada is launching our much anticipated  Make Time for Life Campaign . The Campaign is designed to encourage people everywhere to participate in a Dying Healed Volunteer Recruitment Program and  Make Time for Life.

LifeCanada's Dying Healed Program has been piloted in cities across Canada and has proved to be a successful training program to prepare the average person to visit and provide companionship to the vulnerable. See executive director Natalie Sonnen discuss the pilot program.

The purpose of the  Dying Healed Program is not to create professionals but educated lay people confident in the fact that their presence at the bedside of a lonely or dying person is an invaluable service. 

The Dying Healed Program is distinctive because Dying Healed volunteers are given formation in the issues surrounding palliative care, euthanasia and assisted suicide, the meaning of human suffering and  the power of human presence to heal and bring dignity to others.

Consider Mr. Adams, who is 85 years old.  He is a war veteran and has incredible stories to tell. His children live in other parts of Canada, and though he is unable to cook for himself, he receives Meals on Wheels a few times a week.  Mr. Adams, however, is isolated. He is unable to leave his apartment without help, and finding care has become problematic. He experiences loneliness, sometimes acutely.
Mr. Adams suffers from what his doctor might call 'social isolation'. In 2012, Statistics Canada found that 20% of seniors did not participate in weekly or even monthly activities.

Social isolation can have devastating effects on those who suffer it, including depression and even death. [i]  Researchers in a 2016 study by the US National Institute of Health found that "social isolation" was a key motivation behind the euthanasia requests of 37 of 66 cases reviewed, a figure representing 56 per cent of the total.

Now consider what a regular visit from a kindly volunteer might do for Mr. Adams. Think how his day can be transformed by the anticipation of a guest to his home.  He will take extra time to make himself and his home look presentable, and will eagerly wait for the door bell to ring.

For someone suffering 'social isolation' this can be life-changing.

Canada is getting older. Statistics Canada predicts that the number of Canadians over 65 will outnumber those 14 years and younger for the first time in Canadian history somewhere between 2015 and 2021.[2]
Join LifeCanada as we encourage and provide the means for people to reach out to the vulnerable, the elderly, the disabled and dying.  In a culture that now allows for assisted suicide and euthanasia, it is imperative that we  Make Time for Life . 

Your gift will help us continue this life-saving project.

To find out how to get involved in the Dying Healed Program, please visit our web-site at .