What are you planning to do to celebrate LIFE? Spring is abounding around us, even here in the East of Canada in PEI and we are focusing this week on celebrating LIFE! 

Rejoice in your family! Meet some friends and have a good meal together! Tell the girl you fancy that you really love her! Give your man a hug! Praise your children! Pat the dog! Where do you see love and joy in your everyday activities? Is it during the confusion of a lively breakfast table? How about at the office? Or what about the conversations in the bus, grocery store or while walking through the mall? 

Did you say some thing kind and wonderful to someone today? Make an effort to thank someone - how about the guy who pushes all those carts back into the grocery store? Or the cashier? What about your colleagues? Buy a treat to share this week and say thanks for being there! Love one another! 

PEI Right to Life Association wishes you every good thing and an abundance of joy! Be strong and fearless! WE LOVE TO LIVE!