I feel very much like Moses disputing with God about why he was chosen to go back to Egypt and demand freedom for the Hebrews from the Pharaoh! What will I say? “I am not good at speaking”, he complains to God. The answer: “Who makes people able to speak or makes them deaf or unable to speak? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Don’t you know that I am the one who does these things? Now go! When you speak, I will be with you and give you the words to say.” (Ex 4:11-12) Moses is upset because he has realized the gravity of the mission at hand and is tongue-tied. Ever feel that way before a pro-life conversation –especially before your own family? Well, you are in good company!

Did you ever wonder if life were really so meaningless to the many who support the travesties of our generation such as abortion and euthanasia, then why are they so up in arms about the pro-life position? No one goes to battle for something that does not have any significance for them. They make for very poor soldiers! You would think that those who hold the pro-life supporter for a fool would simply laugh and say what a waste of time. But what do we see instead? Our governments, businesses, academia and media spend oodles of effort in convincing the world that we can take the life of the vulnerable and it will all be ok. Why so much effort? Could it be that, things are not really OK? And, that something they claim ought to be “self-evident” e.g. an alleged right to abortion or end my life, is in fact, not in the least bit self-evident but rather goes against our very nature as humans and therefore we must all be constantly battered down to believe this lie?

Friends, this is why we are in this struggle for life. It is because LIFE means something! Life has purpose and meaning! The protection of the RIGHT to LIFE is the lynchpin for my freedom to live my life, and yours to live your life. When a society attacks or fails to uphold this truth of the human person and dignity expressed by the term “RIGHT to LIFE” we undermine our own personal RIGHT-to-LIFE. There can be no compromise on this fundamental truth of the human person. Everything – that means all others laws and rights rest on upholding this. We fight poverty because a human person has the right to life and for that we need material goods and food. The right to freedom of movement or for marriage rests on my right has a human person to freely choose how and where to live, and with whom for the good of self and, ultimately, for the good of society through the gift of children.

Here is another example: Why do we stop at red lights? Or better, why do we agree that this is so important that we have made it a law? You see, you do not know whether the person in the other car is good, bad, indifferent, poor or rich, healthy or dying, has young or old passengers in the car or not. All you know is that the other is a person and has a right to live because you want to live. So you stop to avoid an accident. You uphold the other´s right to life, because you rely on him or her upholding your right to life. If we ignore this, then we risk our own death. To behave like that is called pathological! So you can say that to stop at a red light is in fact your support of all that the pro-life movement stands for: The RIGHT to LIFE for all human persons.

The PEI pro-life movement needs to be bold and speak out to all people about the truth of life. All humanity has a right to life – a life to the full. (John 10:10) This is not restricted to a particular denominational understanding of God. This is true because we all share humanity and we know that the marital act is a sacred act, that the gift of a child is sacred and that the future of civilization is quite literally dependent on the protection of the weakest among us and the strengthening of the families to which they belong.

PEI Right to Life Association must work for a Culture of Life to the full in all areas of family life. This is my where all my effort shall be focused under the guidance of wisdom and knowledge and in keeping with the truth of the human person at all stages of life.