Opponents of pro-life demonstrators exercising their free speech rights and exposing the truth of abortion in public often respond by accusing the demonstrators of harassment or intimidation. Of course, they very rarely produce evidence for their claims, most likely because none exists.


My guess is that someone has exposed them to some very strong evidence challenging their firmly held beliefs about abortion, and they simply don’t like that. It makes them feel uncomfortable. Their feelings are hurt. They don’t like having their pre-conceived beliefs challenges, and immediately resort to false claims of inappropriate behaviour by the messenger in a lame attempt to have the evidence removed from public view.


You see, if they don’t have to see the evidence that shows abortion is an act of violence that kills a baby, they don’t have to feel bad about it. They can just go back to their “safe space” where nebulous language about a “woman’s right to choose” is much easier to take.


The fact is women do not have a “right to choose what to do with her body" (I checked our constitutional documents, and I don’t see it anywhere. I also referenced a grade 9 biology text and discovered that the developing baby in womb is NOT a part of the mother’s body after all). Obviously, it depends on the act being chosen, and if that act harms another human being or the social good, we don’t have a right to do it. 

Take drinking and driving. Do I have the right to choose to pour copious amounts of alcohol into my body and then put it behind the wheel of a car? Why not, because I’m endangering others by doing so. The same concept applies to abortion.


In an abortion, a woman chooses to lay her body on a table and have a doctor suck the living unborn child from her womb piece by piece. The act is harming, actually killing, a human being, and thus is not a “right” at all.  


The bottom line is that abortion is an act of violence that kills a human being. If we need to show the photographic evidence to drive that truth home, then so be it. MLK Jr. wrote in his famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail, “Like a boil that must be opened with all its ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must be exposed, with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of human conscience and the air of national opinion before it can be cured.” We concur.