Canada is leading an international funding campaign for abortion following the ending of the US contribution to said fund. Mrs. Monsef, federal minister for Status of Women, deems that any obstacle to abortion is a form of violence. 

In France, this idea also has high standing. The enactment of an “Abortion obstruction” bill is aimed for the end of February whereby any person informing about possible risks and consequences of abortion will be incarcerated for two years and fined 30,000 Euros ($42,000 CAD). 

The Quebec government also considered such measures two years ago, judging that any negative information concerning abortion is “deceitful and criminal”. 

But the risks and consequences of abortion are acknowledged by the Supreme Court of Canada, which, in its Morgentaler Decision, declared that the latter increase exponentially with each week of gestation, and by Mr. Henri Morgentaler himself, in his book “Abortion and Contraception”. 

Is the crime not on the side of those who hide this information and persecute those who tell the truth?  Who loses in all this? The woman who does not know what she is getting into beforehand, only after, when she is stuck with the irreparable and no one wants to believe or help her. 



Isabelle O’Connor
Montcerf-Lytton, Quebec, Canada

Zlatko Vickovic I miss you on a day like this via photopin (license)