It is a fallacy to think that one’s own generation possesses the penultimate source of wisdom and knowledge. Mr. Deaton, author of the Guardian Newspaper guest opinion Ireland: Welcome to the 21st Century,  is guilty of holding this torch of arrogance and folly. (

The idea that Ireland ought to be applauded for providing a progressive advancement for humanity after voting down the protection of the most vulnerable humans and opening the doors to “significant progress” (abortions and divorce) is ludicrous. You would think Ireland had just discovered the cure for cancer and were offering it free to all for the betterment of humanity. No such thing is the case.

The Irish have succumbed to their own selfish “me-over-you” attitude. There is nothing progressive about death. Humanity has historically sacrificed its young to false gods and throughout all cultures. It was, however, with the introduction of Christianity and the emphasis of the dignity of every single person as an individual with inherent and inviolable rights that civilization truly progressed to such magnificent documents like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 in which it states in Art. 3: “Everyone has the right to life…” The modern notion of progress concerning abortion is actually a return to the archaic and barbaric rituals and practices of dead cultures. We must not be fooled that as soon as someone slaps the word progressive on an action or thought that this is synonymous with good.

Mr Deaton errs in his logic as well by stating over 170, 000 women needed to go to Britain to seek the death of the baby in the womb which is why Ireland needed to repeal the 8th. If we were to say 170, 000 thefts took place in the same time frame would we vote for a law to legalize stealing? So that no one who steals need do it in dangerous circumstances or travel anywhere to steal something? Get your heads on straight, people!

Should we not be concerned in helping these women who feel that they have no way out? Where is the outcry that these women are abandoned by the men who sired the child; abandoned by a rich society which has a functional social network, real health care and educational system? A society which, ignoring its Christian roots, is clearly not providing those in crisis with the proper dignity and support.

As for the argument that sex education and contraceptives will solve the problem there simply cannot be anything dumber than that idea. We already have the contraceptives; the population is inundated with sex education as early as the Kindergarten level! Contraceptives fail and knowledge does not save us from all circumstances. The fact remains that when men and women engage in the unitive act, babies will be made; a human child deserving of life and dignity. When will humans finally be progressive enough to stand up and start to be held accountable for their own actions and not make someone else die for it? Now, that would be truly progressive and a novelty for the 21st century – a true culture of life.

This response was published as Guest opinion in the Prince Edward Island Guardian on June 5th, 2018. (