The gets a makeover

LifeCanada launches updates to its web platform,

September 27, 2018

[Ottawa, ON]  Three years ago, LifeCanada launched one of its major projects, the, a web-platform designed to unify and empower the educational pro-life movement across Canada. Now, with groups owning web-sites on the platform from Charlottetown, PEI to Vancouver, BC, the is re-launching with updates to make this effort even more effective.

The initial project had been vast in its vision, pooling the movement’s many resources together in a united effort. The updates involve allowing groups to upload any kind of document to the site, as well as being able to feature images.

A major overhaul of the home page includes the following features:

1.       A new site menu is now located at the top right making it easier to locate.

2.       A new home page banner image has a colour sheen and image that can vary as per the liking of the group.  This area will include the slogan “All life is precious”.

3.       A SIGN UP section is one of the most important features of the new home page. The sign-up feature places an emphasis on the group’s ability to reach out to their community, and have people join in their efforts.  The idea is to help groups garner more volunteers, supporters, donors and participants.  Those who sign up will immediately be put into the group’s e-mailer, which is connected to their LifeCollective site.

4.       EVENTS Box. This is also a major feature of the new Home Page. Here groups can feature their latest event near the top of the page.

5.       Did you know?  CONVERSATION STARTERS. This section that will feature facts and stats that relate to abortion and euthanasia, offering an opportunity for groups to educate quickly and then provide more education if prompted through the web-site.

6.       A rotating banner image as per our original page but smaller with information on each banner listed below.

7.       At the bottom of the page there will be another opportunity for people to sign up and an opportunity for people to share the group’s site on their social media.

8.       The group will also be able to connect their Facebook page to their web-site.

The effectively uses new media technology to help our groups communicate and reach huge populations of people helping to spread the message of Life.  The updates to the site further help our groups to harness state-of-the- art technology, while enjoying on-going technical support, all at a fraction of the cost. 

By pooling the resources of LifeCanada’s member organizations across Canada, the will continue to have a substantial impact on the ability of pro-life educational groups to communicate the pro-life message, reach their target audience and change hearts and minds.

To find out more go to and select any one of the many groups from the dropdown menu.


About the LifeCanada

LifeCanada ( was established in 2000 to operate as a national association of local and provincial educational pro-life groups across Canada in order to promote the value of human life, to serve our members, and to advocate for the most vulnerable members of society. LifeCanada is a non-profit organization that is supported solely by the generosity of its members.

For further information contact us at 1-866-780-5433 x1.