2018 Gala Event

The LifeCanada Gala & Conference was a huge success!

The Conference and Gala provided an educationally rich experience for all attendees. The Conference talks were very inspiring, beginning with Dr. John West's detailed account of how Darwinism has been a huge proponent of dehumanizing ideas that have led to eugenics, scientific racism, abortion and other anti-life practices over the past 150 years. 

Darwinian theory promotes the idea that human life is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Its principles suggest that nature never had us in mind, that we are a result of unguided, accidental occurrences, and that nature will always ultimately favour the strong and destroy the weak. 

His evening talk at the Gala gave the opposing viewpoint, that indeed, human life is exceptional and unique in creation. New scientific findings show that in fact nature and the entire cosmos is fine tuned to sustain life through an incredible series of “coincidences” without which no life would exist at all.  So utterly incredible and numerous are these 'coincidences' that even the most hardened atheists within the scientific community agree that there must be some ‘intelligent design’. 

The second part of Dr. West's presentation, at the Gala, featured much of the work he did on the following documentary, The Privileged Species:

Following our discussion on the origins of human life and the harms of misunderstanding those origins was a detailed description of how one might organize that life.  

Camille Pauley's presentation covered the four levels of happiness. Her incredible presentation made the crucial point that when people are thinking at a Level 3 & 4, suddenly knowing the truth means something to them. Pervasive apathy is a result of living for oneself, but with a broadened meaning and purpose for life, one becomes engaged in understanding and conforming one's life to the universal principles involving objective truth, ethics, justice and goodness.

Other resources recommended on these and related subjects for youth and young adults:

The Principles and Choices High School CurriculumPrinciples & Choices is a revolutionary new high school program that helps students master the principles of logic, ethics, and justice that inspire them to live with purpose, moral integrity, and care for human life. The program gives students a strong philosophical education in ten core principles that ground Church teachings on respect for human life, social justice, and many other contemporary issues.

Discovering Intelligent Design Curriculum:  The Discovering Intelligent Design comprehensive curriculum presents the biological and cosmological evidence in support of the scientific theory of intelligent design. Developed for middle-school-age students to adults, the curriculum also includes a workbook and a DVD with video clips keyed to the content of the textbook. Produced by Discovery Institute in conjunction with Illustra Media, the curriculum is divided into six modules that explore topics such as the origin and development of the universe, the origin of biological complexity, the fossil record’s evidence (or lack thereof ) for universal common descent, and the broader cultural debate over intelligent design. See the Table of Contents here.

TrueU Curriculum: this 10-part DVD series features bestselling author Dr. Stephen Meyer and explores how scientific discoveries over the past century have made belief in God more defensible, not less. This is a tremendous resource for high school students, college students, and adults. To maximize your use of the series, there is a free downloadable leader’s guide containing lesson plans, discussion questions, handouts, and other resources. Especially suitable for: teens, students, parents, other adults.

The Toughest Test in College: A mini-documentary preparing young college-bound adults for the many biases and cunning anti-life arguments they will face in the university setting, whether they are going into the arts or sciences. This is an eye-opening video that all parents and young people need to see before they embark on their time in the university setting.

For more resources, curriculum supplements and information go to the Discovery Institute's Recommended Curricular Resources.


 John G. West, PhD, is Vice President of the Seattle-based Discovery Institute and Associate Director of the Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. Formerly the Chair of the Department of Political Science and Geography at Seattle Pacific University, West is an award-winning author and documentary filmmaker who has written or edited 12 books, including Darwin Day in America: How Our Politics and Culture Have Been Dehumanized in the Name of ScienceThe Magician’s Twin: C. S. Lewis on Science, Scientism, and Society, and Walt Disney and Live Action: The Disney Studio’s Live-Action Features of the 1950s and 60s. His documentary films include Fire-Maker, Revolutionary, The War on Humans, The Biology of the Second Reich, and Human Zoos. West holds a PhD in Government from Claremont Graduate University, and he has been interviewed by media outlets such as CNN, Fox News, Reuters, Time magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Camille Pauley is co-founder and President of Healing the Culture, a nonprofit organization that evangelizes and converts people to be deeply, authentically, and permanently pro-life. She is the creator and primary writer of the Principles and Choices© pro-life high school curriculum, and the creator of Life Principles Academy.

In over 20 years as a professional pro-life advocate, Camille has inspired politicians, judges, lawyers, medical professionals, and church leaders to defend the sanctity of human life. She has trained tens of thousands of students, teachers, religious educators, business leaders, and pro-life professionals in the Life Principles curriculum. She has co-produced six video series, and authored dozens of articles. She has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people across North America and around the world. She has reached millions more through television, radio, and print media.

Camille received her B.A. in Communication from the University of New Mexico, and an M.A. in Communication from Washington State University.

She likes to note that when she was in high school, she met the legendary actor Gregory Peck and asked how she could become a famous movie star. He answered, “It’s not what you think, kid. Do something more important with your life.” And that’s exactly what she did.