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One of the most common arguments abortion advocates have been using on our facebook page of late goes something like this, “if you aren’t willing to adopt the unwanted babies that would be born if abortion was illegal, you have no right to oppose abortion.” How to respond?

To start with, the statement is a complete ruse. It is an ad-hominin, strawman, and red herring all wrapped in one. It’s an attack on our character as it implies we don’t care about what happens to babies after they are born, and it sets us up as judgmental, uncaring individuals who can easily be brushed aside as not worthy of an opinion. It’s a red herring because it does absolutely nothing to refute our central argument that abortion unjustly ends the life of an innocent, defenseless human being. Aside from all that, the suggestion that pro-lifers don’t adopt babies is blatantly false.

I know a number of pro-life people who have adopted babies, and there are numerous pro-life organizations that facilitate adoptions, among myriad other services to care for women and children after they are born. To suggest pro-lifers don’t care about born children is simply not true.

More importantly, even if pro-lifers aren’t willing to adopt and don’t do anything at all for born children, the fact remains that it’s wrong to kill unborn babies. One person’s unwillingness to adopt a baby in no way gives another person the right to kill that baby before it’s born, nor does it do anything to prove the unborn child is not a human person.

What abortion advocates are really doing when they resort to this tactic is trying to avoid the impossible task of proving the unborn are not human persons. They’d rather take the lazy route by disparaging our character and dismissing us as unworthy of holding an opinion on the matter.   

Moreover, they really don’t care if we are willing to adopt or not. We could tell them we have adopted 10 babies and they would still say we have no right to oppose abortion. No matter how many children we adopt, they will not change their mind on the issue.

It isn’t hard to imagine supporters of legalized slavery making the claim, “if you aren’t willing to take in and care for all the slaves who would be set free if we abolished slavery you have no right to speak out against slavery.” That is exactly what abortion advocates are arguing when they use the adoption ruse on us, and we need to call them out on it.

Next time you hear someone claim you have no right to be pro-life unless you adopt and care for all the unwanted children, ask them, “why does that matter? How does my record on adoption make killing the pre-born morally acceptable?”  Then ask them if it would be okay to kill a born child because no one is willing to adopt her; 99% will say of course not.

You can now move past the subject of your adoption record and discuss the crux of the issue: is the unborn child a “person” like that born child they wouldn’t kill because no one is willing to adopt her?