For 49 years, it's been open season on unborn babies in Canada. Almost half a century has gone by since Pierre Trudeau's omnibus bill removed legal protection from the pre-born, and for all those years, countless people have dedicated their lives to doing all they can to right this terrible wrong.

Since the day the slaughter began, they’ve laboured in the political arena, they’ve worked with pregnancy care centres, post-abortion care ministries, and educational groups. Across Canada there are people who have been a part of their local, provincial, or national pro-life organization for decades, and are still labouring today. These people have sacrificed time, effort, money, and social comfort for babies they may never meet, babies who were killed by abortion despite their efforts. Yet they persist.

These warriors for Christ understand that as lovers of God and His truth, they have an obligation to speak out in defence of those being denied their right to life. They understand that the heart of God is broken every time one of His precious little ones is taken by abortion.

While it is true we may not see the end of abortion in our lifetimes, our efforts are not in vain. Not by a long shot. Despite the fact Canada remains one of just a few countries that permits abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, each and every one of our efforts will contribute to the demise of abortion.

The cumulative effect of everyone who has stood in the street holding a sign in defence of the unborn, everyone who has held the hand of a young, scared, confused woman, everyone who has wept with and nurtured someone grieving their lost child, will result in the final and glorious end to the abortion holocaust.

Do not be discouraged. The devil uses many tactics to keep the slaughter of the unborn going, and discouragement is certainly one of them. Don’t allow it. Don’t let a sense of defeat hold you back from speaking out against the atrocity of abortion. That’s exactly what the evil one wants.

Even though things do not look promising in the current political climate, we ought never fail to say and do the right thing. It has been 49 long years and many lives have been lost, but the end of abortion will come, in God’s time, and everything we do today will forever be registered as a contribution that helped end the worst human rights violation of our time.

Here at Kelowna Right to Life, we are looking at 2018 with a renewed sense of hope. We want to strengthen our voice by growing our membership, we want to intensify our impact with new and exciting initiatives, and we want to get the attention of our culture using innovative, and even sometimes controversial tactics. Our voices will be heard and the truth that abortion violates the right to life of the most vulnerable and defenceless among us will be known.

We invite you to join the pro-life organization of your choice and step up your pro-life efforts in 2018. Make your voice heard by contributing to this most noble of causes: the movement to build a Culture of Life in Canada.