Is the end to legalized abortion in the U.S. within sight? We like to believe it is, and there is evidence to support that belief. For decades, pro-life advances (mostly at the state level) have chipped away at so-called abortion “rights” and helped to sway public opinion to the pro-life side. It appears various pro-life legislation, along with persistent pro-life messaging and activism have shifted public opinion, leading to some very promising developments. In Canada, we likely have a longer road in front of us, but we are confident that pro-life victories in the U.S. will accelerate the pro-life cause here. Case in point: The new Alabama abortion ban.

On May 15, 2019 Governor Kay Ivey signed what is widely acknowledged as the most restrictive ban on abortion in the country. The legislation does not include an exception for rape and incest (it does have an exception if the pregnancy presents a major threat to the health or life of the pregnant woman).

The new law is scheduled to go into effect after the summer, but the usual suspects – The ACLU and Planned Parenthood – have filed a lawsuit to stop that from happening. That suit will more than likely succeed initially, quite possibly pushing the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in a direct challenge to Roe v Wade. Nothing is guaranteed, but pro-lifers remain cautiously optimistic and prayerful that the end of Roe v Wade is on the horizon.

One very encouraging sign for Canada is the fact the pro-abortion side seems very worried. When someone senses they are losing an argument or long-held position, they often resort to last ditch efforts. These attempts at salvaging the status quo are usually weak, faulty, desperate, even ridiculous. In the case of abortion coming to an end, resort to intimidation and violence is not unexpected.

When segregation was coming to an end, those who supported it desperately hung on to their belief system. They committed violence against civil rights demonstrators in the streets, and they clung to long-debunked arguments in a futile attempt to stave off the truth that all human beings are created equal.

Today’s scene is strikingly similar to those unsettled days. Pro-abortion activists are increasingly loud and obscene. Our weekly hospital vigil, pro-abortion activists have appeared by the dozens with signs defending the practice of unborn child-sacrifice. One female abortion advocate took off her shirt to attract attention to her cause. Another yelled at us, “Move to Alabama!” as she drove by. Pro-life activists are ridiculed, censored, even threatened with violence as they speak up for the unborn. These things are likely to continue as society moves closer and closer to protecting nascent life in the womb.

Now is the time to stand strong in our convictions. Abortion is the worst human rights violation of our time, and it is imperative we oppose it. We can not be silent. Preserving our comfort, our standing at work, even our personal safety are not valid reasons to forego our responsibility to speak up for those being led away to the slaughter.

We’ve always known we are going to win. It seems those who have come armed with lies and deceit are beginning to realize it too, and that’s an amazing thing to witness.