We submitted the 2 following pictures and this letter to our local Smithers Interior Newspaper. The pictures were published but the editor chose to write his own piece; just quoting a few of my sentences.  Under Thom Barker, the prolife voice has a hard time getting on the editorial page.

October 17, 2020  

Dear Editor:

As Marisca Bakker mentioned in her poignant personal story about miscarriage, October 15, is designated by our government to remember Pregnancy and Infant Loss. 

 The Prolife Society appreciates the declaration of such a day because it acknowledges the humanity of an infant both inside and outside of the womb and it gives voice to the pain, such as Marisca expressed, when that infant dies too soon.

In order to draw attention to this hurt and loss in our community, the Prolife Society set up white crosses on October the 15th with a banner that read “Remembering Them”.  It was unfortunate that the advertisement explaining the significance of the day did not get in the newspaper on the same day.

Perhaps the banner should have included “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness” despite our concern that it would be too many words to read while driving by at highway speed.

The display was only going to stay up for the one designated day, but regrettably, there are some members of our community who didn’t get the memo about inclusivity, civility, tolerance, free speech, and laws about private property, trespassing, vandalism. The display did not last through the night.

The women who parked their vehicles on the owner’s property in the dark of night, then tore the display apart and removed the banner with the intention of burning it, were being observed. The file is now in the hands of the police. 

I am sorry that there are some who never learned the Golden Rule; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

If we, as individuals, actually loved the gift of life that is given to every human being, then we would have a society that allows for grieving the loss of a child, at whatever stage in its development. And our society would celebrate the miracle of a newborn baby, whatever its circumstances of conception.

Betty Bandstra