The Principles & Choices Curriculum

An Outstanding Curriculum for High Schools

Principles and Choices is a revolutionary new high school program that helps students master the principles of logic, ethics, and justice that inspire them to live with purpose, moral integrity, and care for human life.

The program gives students a strong philosophical education in ten core principles that ground Church teachings on respect for human life, social justice, and many other contemporary issues.

Principles and Choices is designed for maximum flexibility. It can be taught in classrooms as a supplemental unit for a core curriculum subject such as philosophy, religion, social studies, or health. Yet it’s also adaptable for campus ministry programs, church youth groups, and even adult religious education.

This supplemental curriculum can be taught as a two or four-week unit in each grade level, or shortened to fit available classroom time.

Alternatively the learning can be extended over an entire semester by teaching one chapter on a particular day each week, or all the books can be combined and taught as its own course.

P&C contains a wide variety of textbook, social media, internet, drama, DVD, and audio-visual resources to choose from.

Teacher materials are comprehensive, including complete learning plans, pacing guides, guiding questions, lecture notes, assessment evidence, scripture and catechism references, downloadable assignments and handouts, and more.

The Principles and Choices program grew out of 20 years of research and practical experience that identified successful pedagogical methods to bring about an enduring change of convictions on the life issues.

Numerous studies have documented the degree to which students are influenced by anti-life attitudes prevalent in today’s popular culture. Many faith-based schools make an effort to counter this by emphasizing human dignity and including pro-life perspectives at various places in the curriculum. However, these efforts typically lack depth and cohesiveness.

In contrast, Principles and Choices offers a focused, in-depth, systematic study of these issues. It inspires participants to live with purpose and moral integrity, and helps engender a lasting change of heart and mind.

To see the impact Principles and Choices has on real students and teachers, watch this short online video here.

Click here to download a pdf brochure that includes information on all of the curriculum materials.

The Canadian Institute for Education on the Family (CIEF) is working alongside Healing the Culture to bring the Principles and Choices Curriculum to schools across Canada. If you would like to learn more about the P&C Curriculum or about this exciting initiative of the CIEF please call us at 778-805-2171.

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